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I took the powerwash 101 course because my insurance agency offered a discount on business liability. I'm sure glad I did as I'm just starting out and had just pieced my rig together. If I hadn't taken the course, I'm fairly certain that I would have blown my pump and purchased the wrong nozzle sizes at the very least. All in all, 101 probably saved me tons of money, time, and saved me from hours of frustration in getting started in this industry. These things are worth 100x what I paid for the course! Also, I may be able to write the cost off on my taxes! I keep the printed guide that comes with 101 handy and the nozzle chart has been invaluable. Thanks Mike and Trey for sharing your years of experience and wisdom with us and I wish Power Wash Academyniversity all the success it deserves and hope it to become an industry "go to" for education and training in our field. I look forward to taking 102 soon!
David Charles Freyer Jr
Power Wash University donated the 101 course as a Prize to a contest I had entered. I was blessed to win and was able to take the course. I learned some new things and was able to broaden my knowledge to the working's of a washer. It was very informative and I suggest that every who is getting into the Industry should take the course. Thank you very Much PWA for allowing me to get a head start .
Joel Hickman
After Taking The Power Wash 101 Course And Having Met & Spoken With Several Instructors In The Past, I'm Confident That Both The Material And The Way It Is Presented In Any Of Their Courses Will Exceed Any Expectation. It Will Greatly Improve Your Understanding In A Way That Can Be Immediately Applied To Grow Your Business. As For The Power Wash 101 Course, It Should Be A Tool Used In Your Business To Assist In Training Your Employees And Or Crew Leaders.
Dustin Force
super clear presentation of information. The material was extensive and with your method of teaching, the material was that much easier to absorb. Thank you for this! Trying to distinguish myself from those who buy a cheap washer from lowes or home depot and with this, I am much more confident in getting my services noticed and appreciated. Power Wash Academy 102, here I come!
Sergio Israel Zamora
Incredibly knowledgable and friendly staff! Far exceeded our expectations, I highly recommend them!
Manda J. Frederick
Just starting in this business and this course is great. Really shows the in's and outs of what is required according to the standard. Highly recommend!!
Bill Frederick

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